Welcome to the Alhaja Universe, the cult of beautiful things.

Alhaja Cult Store is a Spanish brand that created by two friends aka sisters Maria and Irene, lovers of perfection and symmetry. 

Maria is the sea; the creative, the romantic. She was born in Seville and has a natural beauty in her roots. She is a creative person that respects the order of nature.

Irene is the mountain; the business brain. She is from Zaragoza. She paints and writes inspired by the constantly evolving world by creating and learning from everything around her.

They support their local economy and with their creations they would like to push sustainable production and consumption.

They want to offer products that people really like, unique designs that are made to last for years.

Their motto is quality is better than quantity.

They design and manufacture entirely in Spain, where they find their inspiration that they want to share with the rest of the world.

Their jewels are 24k gold plated.


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