Is it possible to reverse time? 

Inspired by the movie "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button", Benton aims to make your skin "younger" every day by reversing the effect of time. Benton seeks solutions in a natural, healthy and minimalist approaches.

Rather than creating short-term solutions with strong chemicals, Benton works to provide a healthy skin that will last a lifetime with its formulas created from natural and organic ingredients. It creates its formulas by combining premium, natural and skin-friendly ingredients with healthy methods. Successfully proving that with a small number of highly effective natural ingredients, it is possible to achieve excellent results.

Taking a meticulous approach when choosing formula ingredients, Benton also avoids large-scale production. Thus, it uses the freshest ingredients in every new production.

Benton avoids using artificial preservatives and ingredients that can irritate the skin, and the planet, preferring Ecocert-approved raw materials. 

Benton does not test on animals and proudly carries the PETA approved "Beauty Without Bunny" badge. 🐰

Simple As Is's selection of Benton products are vegan.