Melez Tea is for the dreamers and adventurers, for those seeking new experiences, the ones that aren’t satisfied with the norm and always want to get the most out of each moment.

Melez was founded in 2015 by Tea Sommelier, Liliana Lopez and Emre Aslanoba with the concept of offering lifestyle teas. They offer a collection of artisanal teas that have been handcrafted to fit your unique lifestyle.

Whether you are looking for a Saturday morning revitalizer with our Balance Tea, a boost before your morning meeting with our Wake Up Tea or a pick me up after a long day with our Happy Tea, their teas & tisanes are designed with your happiness & wellbeing in mind.

Melez was inspired by the restless, chaotic and mesmerizing city of Istanbul, a blend of east & west, past & present, bitter & sweet. In Turkey, melez means ‘mestizo’ or ‘mixed’ and that is what they’re all about, mixing cultures, premium ingredients and high quality loose leaf teas from around the world to offer you delicious & nutritious blends for your wellbeing & happiness.