Ezgihan Talay & Ozgehan Talay - Co-founders of Weola

Ezgihan Talay & Ozgehan Talay - Co-founders of Weola

''Nothing is possible without collective force, brave ideas, and a vision for a better future.''

Can you tell a little bit about yourselves?

We are two sisters with different educational backgrounds. Ezgihan studied design in Central Saint Martins, London and I, Ozgehan, studied computer and electronics engineering.

It was a dream of ours to create something together that combines art and technical details with a sustainable approach. Even though it has been delayed due to health issues, we finally launched our brand, Weola, in 2022.

How was Weola born?

Having been inside the textile industry for twenty years as a family business, we have been witnessing harmful effects behind the process of manufacturing and distribution.

First, we started to learn about sustainability, how to work with natural fabrics and how to improve manufacturing process in our own workshop. Then an idea started to take form to create a luxury, sustainable, vegan brand with good quality fabrics that is engineered to be worn in several ways so that it ensures longevity in your wardrobe. Our designs offer multiple wear during the day or a night out that transcend seasons.

What does sustainability mean to you and how are you living a more sustainable lifestyle?

Sustainability for us is not just what you wear but lifestyle. Having said that we understand that complete sustainability is very difficult both for a brand and as a way to live. But we believe we can get there together. And nothing is possible without collective force, brave ideas, and a vision for a better future.

For our brand, we use trusted suppliers to ensure using vegan and natural materials. We understand that we have more to do in supply and production process and aim to improve ourselves as technological developments advance. WEOLA respects the people behind the manufacturing process and provides fair living wage.

As for our lifestyle, we try to use as little plastic as possible and recycle the ones we use. It does not require much to help the planet by making different choices.

Any tips to living a more conscious and sustainable life?

We could use less plastic and plastic-based products like bringing own bag to shopping. The textile industry has a huge impact on the environment.

We understand that sustainable clothes are more expensive and not accessible to everyone due to materials and production costs, however, instead of buying several cheap short time wear clothes, we can choose more long-lasting clothes. Polyester-based clothes take about 100 years or more to decompose, choosing more natural-based clothes will help immensely.

People or places that have inspired you to love the planet?

Nature itself offers amazing sights to be inspired. We love any natural environment that is not tempered with human intervention. Unfortunately, these places are getting fewer.

What is your favorite plant based home-cooked meal?

Mushroom burger made from mushrooms. Burgers are our guilty pleasure so finding a good burger recipe was important :)

What are you reading right now?

I am reading, Where the crawdads sing by Delia Owens. 

Ezgi is reading Educated by Tara Westover.

What is your motto?

Let’s make different choices.


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