Buzz Off - Lemongrass, Citronella Room Spray

Size 100 ml

Thanks to the pure essential oils in the formulation, this product has a pleasant smell that spreads throughout the environment where it is used.

It helps to freshen up your space. Natural Fly Repellent.

Homemade aromatherapy products are made with natural raw materials and are formulated with 100% pure essential oils.

Area of Use: Ambient scenting.

Instructions for Use: Apply via spray to the environment you want to scent.


Alcohol denat.(Cas No: 64-17-5), Aqua (Cas No: 7732-18-5), Lavandula hybrida herb oil (Cas No: 91722-69-9), Lavandula oil/extract*, Cymbopogon winterianus herb oil (CasNo: 91771-61-8), Linalool* (Cas No: 78-70-6), Linalyl Acetate* (Cas No: 115-95-7),Cymbopogon flexuosus herb oil* (Cas No: 91844-92-7), Lemongrass oil* Eucalyptus globulusleaf oil* (Cas No: 8000-48-4 / 84625-32-1), Eucalyptus globulus oil*, Ocimum basilicum oil(Cas No: 84775-71-3 / 8015-73-4), Citral* (Cas No: 5392-40-5), Geraniol* (Cas No: 5392-40-5),Citronellol* (Cas No:106-22-9 / 26489-01-0 / 7540-51-4 / 1117-61-9), Limonene* (Cas No:138-86-3), Camphor* (Cas No: 464-49-3 / 76-22-2), Geranyl Acetate* (Cas No: 105-87-3),Eugenol* (Cas No: 97-53-0), Beta- Caryophyllene* (Cas No: 87-44-5), Pinene* (Cas No:80-56-8), Terpineol* (Cas No: 8000-41-7), Terpinolene* (Cas No: 586-62-9), Alpha-Terpinene*(Cas No: 99-86-5).* Allergen information contained in essential oil.

This product is made in their own laboratory, which has GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices), ISO 9001:2005 certificates.

Produced with the intention of helping to protect and maintain health, prepared by using cold-pressed fixed oils, pure essential oils, hydrolates (plant juices), plants collected correctly at the right time, which do not contain any additives and have not undergone any chemical process in the process of obtaining.

Made in Istanbul, Turkey.

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