Bach Flowers Body Spray Set of 6

You can transform your life by using the Bach Flowers spray you need according to your daily mood!

· ATTENTION to quiet down the voices in your mind and focus on the present.
· SUNNY MORNING to regain the motivation, positive perspective and energy you lost.
· BE YOU to reveal your feminine energy, love yourself and be the leading role in your own life.
· COURAGE to expand the boundaries of your heart and take bold steps by getting rid of the blockages of your old experiences.
· POWER to discover the power within you, to be able to make brand new decisions that will direct your life and to be energetic.
· RELAX to leave stress behind and calm down, go at your own pace.


100 ml x 6

100% natural flower essences & essential oils.

Made in Turkey. 

Spray whenever you like into your aura or your desired living space.

Use again as needed during the day. Shake the bottle before use.

It will ship within 1-4 days.

Returns are not accepted on this product.

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