Garden Box - Pitta

For those who want to bring the inspiring properties of nature to their homes, we gathered together the colorful flowers of the Vedi-Garden.

In the light of the ancient knowledge of Ayurveda, we use paprika, hibiscus and purple cabbage powder for coloring Pitta doshas (body types). This brings together the elements of water and fire therefore sharp, fluid and moving energies. 

The contents of the box consist of 9 candles: 3 beeswax flower candles, 3 paprika flower candles and 3 hibiscus-purple cabbage powdered flower candles.

All candles are made from %100 natural locally collected beeswax.

The colourings used to dye the beeswax is derived from the powders of natural elements.

For the red tones Vedicandle uses Hibiscus flower powder. For the green stain Henna plant powder is used. For the indigo 'çivit' pigments are used.

All the candles are made by hand in Vedicanldle's workshop in Istanbul. The beeswax used is collected from local honey makers in Bursa.

With each of your orders, we establish a trade-off balance between us. We get the reward of our efforts from you.

However, the real labor comes from the bees. They are the hard workers of nature. To reward them for their efforts, we send you seeds of the Phacelia plant. Plant them in a flower pot on your window or balcony, the soil in a park or garden. The bees love this plant's flowers. It's very nutritious and can help support them in urban areas.

It will ship within 1-4 days.

Returns are accepted ​on this product within 14 days of receipt. Item must be returned unused, with tags, in its original packaging and with its receipt.

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