Hang-over Cure

Whether you're having a great fun or a very tired evening, this super salt will first replace the minerals you have lost.

It will help you cleanse your cells, turn your acidic body into alkaline, and provide antioxidant support.

It will help you get rid of your toxins and edema, and will clean your intestines with the fibers sent by the cauliflower herb.

While it initiates the repair in your liver, it will provide you with the energy you need with its intense herbal caffeine and vitamin C sources.

This way, you will never spend any day exhausted.


Himalayan Salt, Chlorella, Sea Coral Powder, Virgin Mary's Thistle, Coral Herb, Lime Powder, Artichoke, Parsley, Guarana, Kamu Kamu, Dandelion Root


Cell Cleansing, Mineral Support, Toxin and Edema Removal, Repair of Wear and Antioxidant Effect on the Liver, Cleansing the Intestinal Surface and Reversing Acidification, Energy Increase with Herbal Caffeine and Intense Vitamin C


You can mix it into your water or soda as you start the day.

You can add it to salads, vegetable juices and stews, and even fruits.

It increases its taste and effect with lemon. Provides a feeling of renewal.

You can use our diversified and more delicious super salt with both its taste and benefits wherever you use standard salt.


It is like a light salt supported by the natural sourness and herbal flavors created by lime.


40 g 

Adaptogens are the most important herbs that strengthen our mental health, help us fight stress and increase our resistance in daily life.

The short-term benefit of this is that it helps us to respond positively to stressful situations without feeling exhausted or defeated.

Because when we stay in the resistance phase longer, we manage mentally stressful situations better and we don't succumb to our emotions.

Each ingredient is meticulously prepared, approved by doctors, botanists and herbalists, and produced untouched by human hands, using the highest quality raw materials in an environmentally friendly and ethically HACCP approved facility.

Made in Izmir, Turkey.

It will ship within 3-5 days.

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