Palo Santo Bundle Set of 5

Palo Santo renew you, and cleanse and revitalize the energy of your living spaces.

Your body's connection with the earth deepens.


Burn your Palo Santo from the very edge for 30 seconds to create a tiny flame. When you blow it out, the stick will continue to smoke for about 1.5-2 minutes.

This time is enough to clear and balance the energy of your body and the area you are in. Your bar will go out on its own in a few minutes.

You can use the same stick at least 12-15 times by burning it from the very end whenever you need it.

This product is made in their own laboratory, which has GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices), ISO 9001:2005 certificates.

Produced with the intention of helping to protect and maintain health, prepared by using cold-pressed fixed oils, pure essential oils, hydrolates (plant juices), plants collected correctly at the right time, which do not contain any additives and have not undergone any chemical process in the process of obtaining.

Made in Istanbul, Turkey.

It will ship within 1-4 days.

Returns are not accepted on this item.

Returns are accepted only ​if the item is broken or damaged.

Please e-mail for any inquiries.

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