Tumeric Hair Soap

Size 95 gr

Instead of cocoa butter in our turmeric hair soap, there is a blend of shea and coconut oil along with olive oil.

The hair soap contains rosemary and patchouli oils, which are especially beneficial for oily hair.

The accompanying lavender oil balances the oil content of the skin and soothes scalp conditions such as eczema.

The turmeric powder helps prevent dandruff and is useful in treating infections that may be found on the scalp.

We recommend this soap especially for oily hair, but it is also suitable for normal hair types.

Just as a little tip, you can wash with apple cider vinegar instead of conditioner and rinse with water. Don't worry, the vinegar smell wont stay for long! Apple cider vinegar gives softness and shine after our soap.

Each of the soaps is poured in small quantities by hand and by cold method.

The soaps contain essential plant oils, they do not contain any synthetic substances, dyes, pigments or perfumes.

The colors, healing proprties and scents of Atolye Patika soaps all come from nature and plants.

In the soaps, there are organic coconut, shea, cocoa and castor oils, as well as their own production of natural extra virgin cold pressed Ayvalık olive oil that we use at a purity of 80%.

Apart from this nutritious base oil blend, which does not disturb the oil balance of the skin, their soaps contain essential plant oils with aromatherapeutic properties.

Each soap is poured by Emine by hand with a lot of love in the Atölye Patika kitchen soap-shop.

If you are ever in Cunda, Ayvalik you can find them by following the beautiful and natural scents.

This product is made in Cunda, Turkey.

It will ship within 1-4 days.

Returns are accepted ​on this product within 15 days of receipt. Item must be returned unused, with tags, in its original packaging.

The package must be unopened.

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