Dr. Edward Bach called the flowers he had discovered in the 1930’s and from which he later prepared flower essences “our happy friends from the kingdom of plants”.

Since that time the 38 Bach Flower Essences have helped thousands of people overcome emotional distress, maintain their mental balance and develop their personality.

Bach Flower Essences help us overcome weaknesses or difficulties in our personality. They assist us to maintain our mental and emotional balance in acute crises. They can also lend support in times of physical illness.

Especially in Turkey, due to economic and social conditions, people can go through intense and difficult emotions. Bach flower essences are ideal natural remedies to maintain balance and calm in those difficult situations.


Bach Flowers have a harmonizing and reintegrating influence on our bodies. They support the human body gently helping us to stay balanced and heed our internal voice, our intuition. Bach Flowers promote an individual’s growth and development.

Bach Flowers therapy begins with an evaluation consisting of a survey and interview to determine the mixture of flower essences suitable for an individual’s condition. This mixture is then used for a period of four weeks. 

A subsequent evaluation is conducted to determine the next phase of therapy, which varies according to the type and intensity of the condition. The total duration of a Bach Flowers treatment may vary between four weeks and a few months.

The flower essence mixture is applied directly on the tongue, 4 drops 4 times a day. If necessary, this dosage may be increased or decreased.


Fast results are especially achieved with children, as they still have their connection to their inner voice and are able to find the true balance faster. For example with concentration deficiencies, problems in school, new adjustments and adaptation (like a new kindergarden or after a seperation of parents) or competition amongst siblings, the correctly used flower essences bring effective results.


Bach Flowers are able to help women through rough and stormy times of changes, as in pregnancy or during menopause, and give support in regaining the inner equilibrium, help to adjust and accept new situations and stabilize self esteem.


In stressful times at work, if situations seem hopeless, in difficulties with family or friends and if the world seems dark in general, Bach Flowers may help to brighten up the daily life, to find new perspectives, selfconfidence and inner peace again.


''I was born in Austria. After accomplishing social pedagogy and gender studies, my lifelong interest in interpersonal relationships and the role of women in society led me to a career in counseling.

I became familiar with Bach Flowers in 1982 while I was living in England. I was deeply moved by the power of Bach Flowers as well as its underlying philosophy.

After working extensively with women and youth in Austria, I moved to Turkey, whose land, people and language I have come to know and love over the last fifteen years. After settling in Turkey I have also pursued ceramic sculpture, Reiki, Prana Healing and Yoga.

Bach Flowers were always there in my luggage.

As a result of my interest in alternative healing methods and with the enthusiastic encouragement of my husband and friends, I decided to share the natural gift of Bach Flowers with others. I completed Bach Flowers consultancy training in Austria in 2009 and have been advising clients in Istanbul since that time.'' Herlinde Hafner