A guide to cruelty-free, clean beauty.

A guide to cruelty-free, clean beauty.

Kind to the planet, kind to your skin. ♥

We're all slowly beginning to understand that we have to make all sorts of change in our lives for the better. One of the toughest challenges are changing our habits of our beauty regimes. For years we've had the perfect product, but we didn't always see its dark-side. 

We bring to you the perfect Beauty Edit for an easy transformation to an 'All Natural' beauty cabinet.  Not only cruelty-free but derived from natural ingredients these products are kind to your skin too.. 

Easy swaps - Rosy Cheeks - Rosy Lips 

It's not easy to find out your go-to-everyday product isn't cruelty-free. Looking into alternate products we've found Atolye Patika's plant based 'Al Yanaklim' to be both a stainer and a nourishing cream for both cheeks and lips. Giving a sunkissed shade, its colouring comes from hibiscus and cranberries.

Abtira Garden's Pomegranate Lip Polish and Pomegranate Coat butter up the lips leaving them with a luscious light pink colouring. With nourishing oils and vitamins from pomegranates and the magical softness of shea butter you'll have the perfect pout. 

Kudra's Natural Red Lip Balm is perfect for repair and colour all in one. It's suitable for all skin types with a mineral based pigment. Oils like shea, beeswax and sunflower seed oil will keep your lips moist and healthy through out the harsh winter months. 

                                                   kudra natural red lip balm

Easy swaps - Feel good, keep healthy.

You may want to think twice while using regular deodorants that include toxins like aluminum chlorohydrate, parabens, propylene glycol and triclosan. These chemicals are 'questionable' and thought to be linked to several health issues. Thankfully, now there are many products that are all natural. These products are designed to be effective yet keep you healthy. 

Our Loupe Roll-on Deodorant series are a combination of organic and %100 natural ingredients used to neutralize underarm bacteria that cause odor and absorb moisture due to sweating. The oils used like ylang ylang, eucalyptus and neroli all have their own healing properties from mood enhancers to energizers. 


Kudra's Lavender and Geranium Deocream is another of our favourite natural anti-odors. Rather than preventing sweating, which is a release of toxins from our body, the deocream delivers the floral scents of geranium and lavender essential oils. It does not cause an oily or sticky feeling and doesn't leave stains on clothes.

                                                  kudra deocream

Abtira Garden's Roll-on Fresh Deodorant is oil-free and non-carbonated. Replacing sodium bicarbonate with astringent pigeon grass and arrowroot there's nothing not natural going on your skin. With a faint lavender scent it is unisex and won't clash with your daily perfume.


Easy swaps - Refresh the skin.

Who would have imagined that many regular scrubs use micro-beads (0.5mm) made of plastic to cleanse the skin. Micro-plastics are one of the leading environmental problems, ending up in our body and animals, running through our water systems and contaminating our seas. Choose natural alternatives, some can be found in your kitchen, eg. used coffee grains, or support brands that use biodegradable, natural ingredients. 

Pure-Project's Ylang ylang and Raspberry Hand and Body Scrub is %100 plant-based. Its power ingredients are Coconut, Tea Seed oil and Cucumber seed oil that moisturizes and strengthens the skin's protective barrier while freshening the skin.

From the Atolye Patika workshop of wonders comes the Lavender and Olive Oil Body Scrub. A gentle rock salt scrub, one of our favorite blends, it contains natural rock salt, extra virgin Ayvalık olive oil and Lavender essential oil. 
Facial scrubs are key to keep the skin glowing and healthy. Abtira Garden's Lemon Grapefruit Face Scrub gently softens your skin so it's suitable for all skin types. This purifying and moisturizing peeling will nourish your skin, making it smooth and supple, thanks to the magic of shea butter and the rapid absorption of apricot oil.
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