Simple choices to reduce your day to day waste

Simple choices to reduce your day to day waste

Simple lifestyle choices would create a bigger impact than we can imagine; multiplied by the millions of us who want to stop climate change and save our planet.

There are many doable hidden tips in our everyday lives. 

COFFEE GROUNDS. Do not throw them. One man's waste is another ''flower's'' treasure. Coffee ground is a great plant nutrition. You can also use it as a body scrub mixed with shea butter or some other preferred body butter. 

QUALITY IS BETTER THAN QUANTITY. You can wear your cloths for longer periods if you focus on quality rather than quantity. Also, focusing on natural products would support our environment in a way that these fabrics are mostly biodegradable. Some fast fashion products do not even make it to the third use. This simply creates more waste. 

NO TO PLASTICS! There are no words here. Say no to plastics! 

It is possible to reduce our unrecognized wastes that we create a new one each day.

Please find below some simple suggestions;

Reusable Coffee FiltersReusable Tea BagsMenstrual CupFabric Shopping Bags

Each choice matters, even the smallest ones.

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