natural coconut wax candle

Why natural candles?

Candles are everywhere. We use them for their aesthetic or sentimental values.

They help us to set the relaxing, soft ambience we seek in daily life. 

We use them during meditations; inhaling the comfort of being home, exhaling all the chaos of the day. 

As we breathe the invisible smoke in, what do we really know about what we inhale? 

Most candle wax is made of paraffin, a petroleum waste product that creates highly toxic benzene and toluene when it is lit. 

We can always make conscious choices to reduce any health risk of the extent of a single candle we burn. 

Once you know they are made with natural ingredients and no additional chemicals.

All you need to do light it up and let it burn. 

Natural Candles & Incenses

With Love,


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