Keeping tradition alive for future generations. 

Saye Artisan is a craft-focused clothing brand that combines hand-woven fabrics and traditional techniques with contemporary designs.

The word Saye used in ancient Turkish means a shadow or to help.

Saye ARTISAN was established in 2019 with a great intention of keeping the local artisanship alive. Traditional elements fused with uniquely drafted patterns, every piece of Saye is designed with a simple vision; building a better future for you, us and our skilled women weavers. 

Their products are constantly moving hand to hand and land to land before they arrive in your wardrobe. Harvesting the cotton from fields to weaving, each process is done by hand with great care and wrapped in up-cycled packages to reach you safely. 

Saye Artisan Hand made
empowering women
empowering women
empowering women