Nebuliseur Serenite Diffuser - Black


Are you ready to change your aromatherapy experience?

By using the unique cold diffusion technology, Nébuliseur Sérénité transforms essential oils into a gaseous form of 1-3 microns and allows it to be released into the air. Heat and water are not used in this process. This way the essential oil molecules are not damaged and spread to the environment while preserving their therapeutic properties. The therapeutic effects of essential oils vary according to their properties. They help you feel better, support your stress management, and improve your sleep quality.

Sérénité, which you can easily charge anywhere with a USB cable, does not need an electrical connection to work. With its lithium battery, it is suitable for use in any environment. It is easy to carry with its small size and light weight. 


Using La Vie Ancienne Sérénité is simple and practical.

  • Enable the spray head to be moved up by pressing the part located under the device.
  • After removing the spray head, insert your desired 10 ml essential oil bottle.
  • Before inserting the spray head, make sure the white arrows are aligned facing each other. Make sure that the spray head is fully seated on the device.

The touchscreen control panel is designed to allow the diffuser to operate at 3 different intensity levels.

  • Level 1 Low Density: The device works for 15 seconds, pauses for 165 seconds.
  • Level 2 Medium Intensity: The device works for 30 seconds, pauses for 150 seconds.
  • Level 3 High Density: The device works for 60 seconds, pauses for 120 seconds.


1. How long does the essential oil last?
In case of working at the lowest level, 10 ml of essential oil provides up to 50 hours ooperation.
2.How long does it take for the battery to reach full capacity?
A fully discharged battery takes approximately 3 hours to charge.
3.How long is the battery working time? How many times is the battery capable of charging?
At the lowest density level, the battery provides 80 hours of operation. The lithium battery has the ability to be recharged 500 times.
4. What types of essential oils can I use the diffuser with?
It should be used with pure essential oils that do not contain any additives or particles. Never use the device with fixed oils, essences and diluted essential oils.


Essential Oils:

%100 pure essential oils

Store in a cool and dry place away from children. Pregnant and children are recommended to consult a doctor before use.

10 ml of essential oil is a gift with the diffuser.

Rosemary Essential Oil purifies the mind and helps regulate the nervous system. It also supports concentration and helps memory.  Mandarin Essential Oil is said to have a calming effect while also being the best oil to use with all age groups.

All products are made in Turkey, however some oils are imported. All ingredients are %100 natural and produced strictly cruelty free.

It will ship within 1-4 days.

Returns are accepted ​on this product within 15 days of receipt. Item must be returned unused, with tags, in its original packaging.

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