Our Wellness Gift Guide

Our Wellness Gift Guide

When is better day to remind our loved ones to take time out for themselves?
Here you can find some of our suggestions.
Health comes from within.
ancient greens wheatgrass juice powder
Wheatgrass Juice Powder by Ancient Greens
Dry Freeze wheatgrass powder is filled with healthy and essential nutrients. It aids the body in detoxification and is a strong anti-oxidant, and rich and natural chlorophyll.
Urtica Wellness Set of 4 - adaptogens
Natural Supplement Set of 4 by Urtica
Adaptogens are the most important herbs that strengthen our mental health, help us fight stress and increase our resistance in daily life. And, they taste good. 
melez tea gift box
Teabag Wooden Chest by Melez Tea
A cup of tea, please. A selection of six of Melez's best selling teas inside a handmade wooden chest. The lid features a detailed menu so the guests can easily choose their favorite teas.
When we start adding scents of pure essential oils into our lives, changes begin gradually..our mood, the energy of the environment, the feelings. 
cinnamon organge soy wax candle homemade aromaterapi
Clove, Orange and Cinnamon Soy Candle by Homemade Aromaterapi
Organic essential oils of clove, orange and cinnamon create a warm effect in our environment, while increasing energy at the same time. Perfect for winter days. 
%100 beeswax candle surya box
Surya Box by Vedicandle
The natural beeswax candles will light up the space.
Relax, we have an oil for that.
mini chakra set homemade aromatherapy
Mini Chakra Set by Homemade Aromaterapi
100% pure essential oils for Chakras. Balance and Heal with sacred scents and specific oils offering different effects for each chakra.
anda heal essential oil rollers
The Rollers by Anda Heal
A perfect gift. This triple sniffing series supports each other for the oils used and triggers the synergistic effect that will increase with use.
lando aromatherapy oil diffuser

Aromatherapy Oil Diffuser by Lando Studio

Bring the scents of earth to the home with their handmade ceramic diffuser.




For centuries, gemstones have been believed to help us heal or to clear vibrational energies.

shape and lift kit rose quartz by pelcare

Shape and Lift Kit by Pelcare

A fresh and luminous face in seconds. 


lapis lazuli gemstone necklace monapetra

Lapis Lazuli Necklace by Monapetra

Containing various tones of blue, Lapis was known as the night stone in Ancient Egypt and it was thought to carry contentment and recovery. All metals are 22k gold plated on 14k gold.


bedroom healing crystal set

Bedroom Healing Crystal Set by Pelcare

Creates a Calm and Peaceful Environment in the Bedroom where one can sleep deeply.





With Love, 🤍


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