''Unless we are satisfied with what we buy, we continue to buy things we do not actually need. We cannot buy more than one of the same items for various reasons – for example, the fabric creates an uncomfortable feeling due to its synthetic content, or wear out in one wash – and we cannot use any of them by feeling comfortable. In fact, this is a situation that has no winners for both individuals and society. We all know the effects of fast consumption habits and the damage they cause to the environment.

As Assez, we strive to produce each piece as an “ideal product”. That's why we stay true to our production values, carefully select our fabrics, and make sure our models are timeless. This is how we can explain the limited variety of products in our collection.

The word Assez comes from the French, meaning "enough". It is the story of a path we took in the summer of 2019 to create a simple and sustainable wardrobe with enough quality basic pieces that are produced only with natural fabrics and are in harmony with each other. In this way, which will be shaped by both your demands and returns and our production capacity over time, we are excited to create a collection of products that will become classics and produced with the aim of being the best of its kind.''