We should be mindful of our planet as we clean our homes.

This was what brand's founder Deniz thought as she launched Lindos, a social enterprise, one that gives back to the planet in every way it can. 

Whatever we do, every cleaning product we use ends up in either the oceans or in the soil. 

LINDOS Products are Eco-friendly, bio-degradable products that don’t pollute our world and threat human well-being, infused with %100 natural, pure Mediterranean essential oils.

All their products are %100 Vegan, certified by UK Vegan Society and by PETA Animal Test-Free.

#ZeroWaste: Lindos want to spread “REFILL” and “REUSE” mentality. With their REFILL pouches and concentrated formulas, they achieved over %70 less plastic, water and energy usage. With #ZeroWaste system, they clean and recirculate REFILL pouches you sent to Lindos after using them - generating #ZeroWaste throughout whole Lindos experience.

#GivingBackForABetterFuture: Every Lindos product purchase, they donate for the relief of Mediterranean sea turtles, helping them get back to their natural living habitat.