Beije Menstrual Cup

Size Standard

An eco-friendly solution for those who want to move freely during their menstruation period.

Standard - All-day protection with its 26 ml reservoir, 73 mm.

Super - All-day protection with its 30 ml reservoir, 80 mm.

Made of high quality medical silicone, colored with FDA-approved high quality beige food coloring, free of allergens such as BPA and Latex making it perfect for younger ages and those who haven’t given birth.

Eco-Friendly - BEIJE Cups can be used for years as long as it kept sterilized. In addition to disposable options such as pads and tampons, cups are much more environmentally friendly as they creates less waste.

Affordable - BEIJE Cups can be used for years. Due to this, it’s a more economical choice compared to other menstruation products.

Healthy - BEIJE Cups do not accumulate microbes on its surface due to its silicone structure, thus reducing the risk of infection.

Convenience - BEIJE Cups provide up to 9-12 hours of protection.

Comfort and Safety - BEIJE Cups offer a comfortable and reliable experience with its structure that is suitable for the body and can be easily fitted. Due to its volume, it provides comfort during long-term activities at the desk or traveling. Thanks to its leak-proof feature, it’s suitable for activities such as swimming, exercising and active days.


Medical Silicone

A manual will be sent with the product in the package.

Beije products are made form 100% certified organic materials. All products are vegan.

Beije products are not all locally produced. However the waste of single-use menstrual products compensates the carbon emissions caused through the shipping process of re-usable products.

It will ship within 1-4 days.

Returns are not accepted.

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