Raw Cracked Almonds - 1 kg

Almonds are gluten-free with high protein source from nature. 

The healthy flavors you can develop using almonds are endless... Did you know that almonds are the most versatile nut with their paste, cream, cheese, flour and milk?

Almondier Cracked Almonds for almond lovers who cannot make their recipes without almonds!



High source of Protein

Protein is essential for all the functions of our body, including muscle, bone, blood, enzymes, and even hormones.

Balanced Diet

Almonds are the nuts with the highest amount of nutrients per calorie.

Healthy Heart

It is good for the heart by lowering bad cholesterol with its high unsaturated fat and fiber ratio.

Bright Skin

Vitamin E content in almonds protects the skin from the harmful effects of free radicals.

Şelekler and Kemhallı regions of Manisa, Turkey.

Their farms are in a perfect environment for almond production in Aegean with the effect of the special climate created by the Demirköprü barrage and 350 meters high.

Its hot and partially dry summers, rainy and mild climates in winters also have a positive effect on the environment that almond trees seek.

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