Urtica Wellness Set of 4

If you want to introduce adaptogens into your life regularly, you can try the specially priced Urtica Wellness introduction kit.


Inner Beauty

Gut healer

Zen Maker

Mind Food


50 g each.

*One bottle contains approximately 1 month of usage.

Adaptogens are the most important herbs that strengthen our mental health, help us fight stress and increase our resistance in daily life.

The short-term benefit of this is that it helps us to respond positively to stressful situations without feeling exhausted or defeated.

Because when we stay in the resistance phase longer, we manage mentally stressful situations better and we don't succumb to our emotions.

Each ingredient is meticulously prepared, approved by doctors, botanists and herbalists, and produced untouched by human hands, using the highest quality raw materials in an environmentally friendly and ethically HACCP approved facility.

Made in Izmir, Turkey.

It will ship within 3-5 days.

Returns are not accepted ​on this product. 

Product exchange is only possible if the product is damaged/broken during cargo delivery. 

Contact us within 5 working days of cargo delivery: info@simpleasis.com

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