Yin Yang Curve

Material Yin

The Yin-Yang collection's Yin is made of 100% obsidian crystal and Yang is made of 100% white Hetian jade.


Grounding obsidian is a volcanic glass that forms naturally. It’s a stone that comes entangled in a lot of history. Beloved by the Mayan’s and the Aztecs, obsidian was used by them in a multitude of ways – from jewelry through homeware to weaponry. 

Obsidian's color black is connected to the water element. 

Black obsidian is the stone of emotional stability. It's a crystal that helps release negative energy, pent up traumas, memories of abandonment, abuse and shame.

As a black mirror, it shows us our own reflection, including parts that may have been hidden or unacknowledged. In this way black obsidian gives us clarity around the aspects of ourselves that we may need to focus on or release.

Obsidian is a healing stone for the Root Chakra.


White jade is a stone of good luck and fortune. It helps us acknowledge our deepest wishes and the myriad of possibilities open to us: Only by truly understanding our desires, we can comfortably move forward with joy and appreciation.

While jade in general symbolizes abundance, white jade in particular means transformation achieved in the harmony of the conscious and unconscious. White jade is all about clarity of purpose, and us moving ahead in peace with ourselves.


Weight: 450 g

Length: 17 cm

Width: 3 cm


It can be used as an internal or external massage tool, a charm or an energy centre. 

Clean your stone after each use with a natural soap.

Perfectly polished.

100% natural, no chemicals.

All stones are one of a kind.

Due to their natural origin they vary in inner texture and colour.

Small differences in weight are possible.

Permitted Love is about intimacy. It's about self acceptance and body positivity; empowerment and women’s right to self determination in the area of bodily integrity.

Permitted Love has been born out of our unflinching commitment to women’s freedom to make decisions about and enjoy their bodies.

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