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abtira garden


''If you can live as if there is no difference between dream and reality, then you can finally – maybe – be happy. The adventure for me – when it was not even a dream – started with Abtira Garden. It was nothing more than an idea of ​​the way I hoped to be at peace with myself and the world around me. This idea gave life to itself, the dream grew, the life project was born.

Absolutely no idea was produced in a vacuum. I have always seen the skin as an organ that reflects how we naturally treat it from the inside out. The skin is closely linked to our body, mind and environment. When we act with this awareness, our skin really needs very little.

I also knew something about plants. I don't know exactly where this information came from. From growing among plants? Horticulture? Read? It was a kind of awareness, intuition, rather than a knowledge acquired through formal education.

But most of all, I wanted to go back to the garden, to live cleanly, to be close to nature. I wanted to break the chain of expectations imposed by the society that brought me up and about how I should work. I wanted to live well.

As you can see from here, Abtira Garden was born out of my selfishness and determination to feel human again. Nevertheless, quite quickly, we will meet the needs of many individuals who want to have beautiful skin through simplicity, as personally as possible, but more selflessly as it comes to serve, with successes and failures, and hopefully with honesty and humility.

Abtira garden, which started as a one-man adventure in my kitchen, now works as a small team of a few, with the fulfillment of a dream that never seems to come true. This page is dedicated to them.'' Anna